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More being added. The story of the astronomical clock at Hampton Court Pa.ace. Full details are in The impact of the telescope new observatories France, China and other places. The Captive Moon About The Moon The Earth and the Moon were formed separately and are now a twin planet system.
There have been several theories to explain the formation of this system. A possible clue lies in the moon being mostly rock, without much of an iron core like the Earth and other rocky planets. One explanation is that during a major disturbance of the solar system in the first million years of the formation of our sun and its planetary system, the Earth was impacted by another planet, the size of Mars.
It had probably formed in the same orbit as the Earth - in one of the Lagrangian points - two places on a planet's orbit of equal distance from the planet which attract debris and other objects. If they are disturbed then they could be drawn into the gravitational field of the planet.

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This could be what had happened. Since there is no indication from the composition of the Earth and Moon of an object from further out in the solar system being involved. With a large object which has been called Theia mother of the moon Selene in Greek mythology The collision melted and vapourised Theia and much of the Earth's mantle. This rock vapour condensed to form the Moon. A ring of thick dust was discovered in the solar system of another star, BD 20 307, similar to but a little more massive than our sun, and much younger - about 300 million years old, and it is thought now that this may have been caused by a collision of two rocky type planets no more than 1, 000 years ago. Such an impact in our solar system, would have almost destroyed both bodies, and thrown up a ring of the lighter rocks orbiting the Earth, while the heavier molten iron sank into the centre of the Earth.
The orbiting rocks would have clumped together by gravity and impact to form the Moon, much nearer to the Earth than today and both bodies were rotating much faster. Having a large body so near affected the Earth's rotation, the friction from the tides has gradually slowed both bodies down, so now the Moon always has the same side facing the Earth. And the Earth has far fewer days in the year. Since then the Moon's orbit has widened and it has been getting further from the Earth. Heating during accretion melted the outer layers of the newly forming moon leading to the formation of the cratered highlands of the outer crust, which are mainly gabbro anorthosites - granular igneous rocks.
When the Moon was slowed by the Earth's tidal pull until the same side always faced the Earth, the tidal pull caused that side of the Moon to bulge and massive volcanic eruptions which covered great plains with lava, producing the huge dark mare plains and basins easily seen from Earth. They are called MASCONS which is short for "mass concentrations". The moon was then very much closer to the Earth than now.
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